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International Blockshare Identification Number (IBIN) is a 13 digit code that is comprised of numbers and letters that uniquely identifies equity on the blockchain. It is the first of its kind on the blockchain and it is similar to ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) that is used in the traditional markets.

Blockchain is a digital, decentralized and distributed public ledger consisting of transactions. Its origins can be traced to Bitcoin, where it was initially used for accounting purposes. Completed transactions are grouped together in blocks, the grouped blocks create a chain, hence the name blockchain. Individual blocks are secured by cryptography and the blocks are immutable by design. Blockchain has evolved from its use for accounting purposes and it now has different usages.

Companies that wish to obtain an IBIN, simply need to apply on After all the requirements have been met, an IBIN will be generated.

IBIN registration is free of charge. This limited time offer is available for the first 75 companies until the 31st August 2019.

HYBSE (Hybrid Stock Exchange) is an online equity exchange that offers users and issuers a borderless platform to trade cryptonized equity. Companies that wish to list cryptonized securities on HYBSE for example, will require an IBIN.