IBIN Structure

A two-letter country code

A two-letter code identifying the country of origin.

Nine-digit numeric identifier

The nine digit International Blockshare Identification Number (IBIN) which identifies a security.

Single-check digit

The single check-digit and the Blockshare Identifier (B) are used for encryption and blockchain identification purposes.

What is IBIN

IBIN (International Blockshare Identification Number) is the first unique identifying number for various securities on the blockchain. Entities that desire to list their securities on blockchain based stock exchanges require an IBIN. IBIN is applicable to (but not limited to) cryptonized equity and exchange traded commodities. The unique identifying number adds a layer of security for cryptonized securities that are listed on blockchain based stock exchanges.

How to use IBIN

IBIN is crucial for entities seeking to raise capital from blockchain based stock exchanges. An IBIN allows a security from companies and funds to be easily identified. Companies and funds may have the same or similar names but their IBIN number will always be unique. IBIN is a reliable and easy process of identifying and finding securities.

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